“The future of food.”


Seek to achieve the highest quality of life embracing cultural vitality, economic
prosperity, social justice and compassion, all nurtured in and by a beautiful and healthy
natural environment.

Mission and Role

Our mission is to foster the local food community and promote a culture of stewardship.
We will achieve this by cultivating farmer-consumer relationships, promoting the
enjoyment of healthy food through education, increasing food security through diversity,
and enhancing overall community sustainability.
Fresh Foods Wyoming strives to be a sustainable, economically viable, and a socially-just

Sustainability Imperatives

  • Develop awareness for local and global consequences and long-term impacts of our actions.
  • Recognize and reflect on the interconnectedness and interdependence of systems.
  • Be collaborative.

Sustainability Principles

  • Protect and enhance the natural environment.
  • Provide for ongoing prosperity.
  • Build community capacity and social cohesion.

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