How do I sign up?
You may sign up on our website, call us directly, or use the application form included with our brochures and send it to the farm

Is there a deadline for signing up?
No. It is best to sign up early in order to get the best prices. We have discount periods in December, January and February, and in May before the season begins, our prices actually increase.

How often do I receive a box of produce?
You will receive a box once a week during our 12-week harvest season, starting in July through September.

How long is the season?
The CSA season is 12 weeks for all shares.

Am I able to choose what goes in my share box?
No. All our boxes are packed for you from the vegetables available each week which are at their peak of ripeness. Everyone will receive the same variety of vegetables. We do not customize boxes. You are welcome to take advantage of our trade box (this is a box at the pick-up site that serves as a trading place. Shareholders may leave items they do not especially care for in the box for others to pick up and then help themselves to items left by others. Keep in mind to share the items in the trade box).

What do I do if I am on vacation or am unable to pick up my box?
CSA members may have a guest pick up their food while away or if unable to pick up their share box. Please let your host know in advance that a guest will retrieve your box. This is a great way to share some of the harvest with friends, family, or neighbors. When you do have a guest pick up your box, provide the pick-up instructions for them! This prevents confusion and miscommunications. If no one picks up your share the produce will be donated to a local food charity. If you are running late, CALL YOUR HOST! You can find your host’s contact info by logging into your online account with the farm.

What kinds of veggies will I get each week?
A variety of veggies from these categories will be included each week as they mature with the season.

  • greens: ie- spinach, lettuce, kale
  • root crops: ie- beets, carrots, onions, potatoes
  • herbs: ie- basil, parsley, dill
  • classics: ie- broccoli, eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, peppers

For shareholders we provide a separate and more complete list of the crops we will grow and the anticipated weeks of their availability.

Where will I pick up my box?
You will pick up your shares from a host site; we work with a variety of folks that volunteer their homes or businesses to be a spot where we can drop off shares for our members to conveniently retrieve.

At what times will my box be available for pick-up?
Pick up days will always be during the work week and never on weekends. Shares are available to be picked up from the host site usually from 4pm to 7pm and/or 3pm to 6pm, with some exceptions, which are listed during the application process. As a member, you will also have your host’s contact information in the event of an emergency which prohibits you from picking up your shares during the set time.

What if I do not know how to use—or even recognize!—the vegetables in my box?
Not to worry! Each week shareholders receive a newsletter to help acquaint you with the produce and its culinary possibilities. Asking another shareholder “What is this?” is a terrific community builder! Look to our visual glossary on web site to find out what that delicious veggie in your box is.


How do I pay for my membership and my shares?
You may pay online by signing up for an account or use the application found with our brochure and send it to us by mail with a check included. Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover by phone or internet only.

Do you downgrade or give refunds?
We do allow downgrades if you find you are getting too much food. Per our CSA agreement, there are no refunds. However, we can offer to credit your account the difference as a credit to be used for future purchases of farm products. The member’s seasonal commitment is fundamental to the functioning of our CSA system. If you are on the fence on what share to get, start small—you can upgrade your shares throughout the season either through your online account or by calling the CSA team at the farm.

Can I upgrade to a larger share if I find I could use more?
Yes, you can upgrade your shares throughout the season through your online account or by calling the CSA team at the farm. We will prorate the cost of the increase based on how many delivery weeks remain in the season.

Can I Pay in Installments?
Yes. Although we prefer to have payments in full as soon as possible (so we can cover our operating costs) we also understand that the CSA system doesn’t always work with life’s other money allocations. If you want to become a member and are interested in a payment plan, give us a call and we will arrange an installment plan.

All payment plans must can be paid off over the next 3 months. We charge a 5$ transaction fee per installment payment. We prefer to limit installments to 3, although we may make special considerations on a case by case basis. The payment plan requries a credit card; the card you sign up with will be consistently charged on the dates agreed upon.

You must call the CSA team to arrange a payment plan. There is not a payment plan option available on the website.

How Does a Working Share Discount Work?
A working share is for folks with limited cash but available time. In return for a $90 discount, you help us on the farm with CSA tasks. The tasks can be anything from weeding and harvesting, to picking flowers or helping us pack boxes. The work requirements are 18 hours of work during the season, with no less than two hours at a time. When joining, please be sure to choose the share titled “working share.” Please note that we will follow up with you in order to link a credit/debit card to your account (for working shareholders only). In the event that you are unable to work the total 18 hours, we will charge your card the remaining balance at the end of the season, with plenty of notice. The working share is a great way for folks to get involved with their food and know how and where it comes from! If you have further questions, contact us.

How does sharing or splitting a box work?
For shareholders who may feel you would like to split a share, we welcome you to initiate splitting a box with friends, family or neighbors. We leave this responsibility to the shareholders and box mates. How you split the produce is your decision. Sharing a box requires extra care that your group picks up only one box each week. Please coordinate this amongst yourselves in advance.

Should I let the farm know if I decide to share a box?
Yes. We require the complete contact information for all involved in splitting a box to ensure everyone is informed of farm news, notices and changes specific to shareholders. We keep track of those who share a box and include all box mates in correspondence, providing newsletters, and email updates. You can enter information about your “split share partner” in your online profile.

Your Online Account

How do I log in for the first time?

Go to freshfoodswyoming.com. On the left side of the page, click on “CSA Members Login.” The email address you used to purchase shares is your username. The first time you log in, your password will be ‘farmfresh.’ The first window will ask you to change your password to something private. Please keep your login info someplace handy!

I’m logged in but can’t see my shares…?
Be sure that you are viewing the summer season. At the top right of your login screen, there will be a window that displays the season on your account. Make sure this accurately reflects the season you made the purchases in.

My email is not recognized as my username…?
Be sure that you are using the correct email, down to the spelling. If you are splitting the share with friends or neighbors, your email may not be the primary email address and therefore not a recognized username. You will need to use the primary account person’s email to log in to make adjustments to your shares. Finally, call the farm to check the spelling of your email address… Ts quickly morph into Ps through the airwaves of the telephone if you signed up by calling us.

My password isn’t working…?
Be sure you’re spelling it correctly. Use the “forgot password” function as frequently as you’d like to change your password to something easier to remember. Always a good idea to keep your login info written down and around!

What are greenbucks/farm credit…?
Green bucks are credits we can apply to your farm account. They will appear as ‘farmigo credit’ in your online account. You can use this credit toward a panoply of things: one-time orders from our webstore, additional shares (you MUST to call the CSA team to arrange applying credit to your share) and even farm dinner tickets (more info coming soon on the farm dinner season). We typically apply green bucks to your account when you’ve referred a new member to our CSA and they list you as their referral. You will get a confirmation email whenever green bucks have been applied to your account. If you have any questions about placing an order with your green bucks, please call us first!

I have credit (greenbucks appear as ‘farmigo credit’ on your online account) on my account but it’s not automatically decreasing the price of the share(s) I want to purchase…?
Fear not! Our system does not yet support automatically applying credit to SHARES, you can however make a one-time order from our web store where this credit is automatically applied. If you want to have this credit applied to a share, call the CSA team on the farm and we’ll properly and promptly apply the credit and process payment over the handy-dandy telephone. In order to use green bucks on shares or farm dinner tickets, you MUST call the CSA Team. If you have any questions about placing an order with your green bucks, please call us first!

Organic Meats

Do you offer meat?
Indeed, we do. We do not offer a meat share, but you can purchase meat items from our webstore as frequently as you’d like and they will be delivered along with your summer share items. The webstore requires a 3 day notice, so please be doubley sure that you’re ordering the items for the correct date – when in doubt, call us.

What kinds of meat do you offer?
As of May 2015, we currently offer limited pork varieties and stewing hens exclusively to our CSA members. Please order online through our webstore, call or email us for assistance

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