Skyline Gardens

Skyline Gardens produce is grown right here in the Casper area. That’s what we mean by “hyper-local”—really local. The term “local” can legally mean that it’s produced anywhere within 400 miles of consumption, so it’s a pretty meaningless term. But you can be confident that Skyline Gardens produce is truly grown in the Casper area. We’re located just off Skyline Road on the west side of Casper.
That’s valuable for a couple of reasons. First, because that makes Skyline Gardens produce better. Every minute between the time the produce is harvested and the time you eat it means a loss of quality. It loses nutrients, freshness and taste. Modern agriculture has gotten very good at efficient transportation and preservative techniques, but those techniques have their own tradeoffs. When you eat Skyline Gardens produce in Casper, you know you’re eating produce grown within walking distance, and the taste will bear it out. You also know you’re supporting the local economy. And you’re buying from a producer with complete accountability—no big faceless corporation to complain to. You can bring your complaints to Matt right here in Casper.
Our produce is grown hydroponically, a modern soil-less farming technique in a controlled environment. That greatly reduces the amount of potential contaminants, almost completely eliminating the need for pesticides and herbicides. We use a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning and that’s about it. We can grow high quality produce year-round regardless of the weather, and deliver it to our customers within hours of harvest.
But don’t take my word for it. Taste the difference. Fresh herbs or salad greens, you won’t taste anything like it in Casper.